How it works

What’s a typical day like Jamie?

Excellent question!  I will pick you up wherever you’re staying in Napa or Sonoma; hotel, bnb, vacation rental or airbnb, typically around 10am.  From there we’re off to our first two wineries, and then we’ll make sure you enjoy lunch at either a restaurant, a winery that allows picnics, or one of Napa or Sonoma’s casual eateries that usually have tables outside!  Once you’re recharged and satiated we’ll head off to either one or two more wineries depending on your desired level of engagement.  At the end of the day, usually around 5/5:30pm, I will return you to your lodging establishment safe and sound.

You are responsible for winery tasting fees and lunch, and I am responsible for chilled stainless steel bottles of water (gotta stay green!) in the car and for showing you a good time!

I may be the designated driver, but you drive the itinerary. 

Prior to your visit I will speak with you and determine how you want to spend your day unless you prefer electronic communication.  You may choose an historic or landmark winery, enjoying world-class signature wines in beautiful settings.  Or if an educational experience is important I will guide you to the right winery to obtain the information you seek.


Let’s face it, there are more than 400 wineries in Napa, and almost as many more in Sonoma.  Why invest your precious free time trying to figure it out?  Let me do it for you.  Whether you are a wine-tasting newbie or you’re looking to fill some vacant space in your wine cellar, I will make sure to introduce you to the best wineries for you.

Cave tours, barrel tasting, food and/or cheese pairing, all can be experienced here in Napa.  Are there particular varietals in which you’re most interested?  I will customize a day, or more, specifically for you.

Vista views can be enjoyed from both the hilltops rising from the valley floor or the valley floor itself, where panoramic scenery abounds.

It’s important to eat during your day in the valley!

If you’d like to enjoy a casual, picnic lunch we’ll include a winery visit where we can do just that, or perhaps grab a table at one of Napa’s iconic specialty stores like the Oakville Grocery.  If you’d prefer a restaurant there is no shortage of excellent food throughout the valley.

No big box wineries for you?

For those who plan on making larger purchases of wine (more than a bottle or two here and there), I’d be happy to introduce you some very small producers so that you’ll be the first on your block to share a rare cabernet sauvignon with your neighbors, friends and family.  The back story behind these small producers is always entertaining and enlightening.

Cancellation Policy.

Cancellations for Jamie’s Wine Tour are subject a $100 cancel fee if canceled one week or less to tour date.

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